Decurian soars high amid listing optimism

Mar 25, 2020

As the release date of Decurian draws closer when it will be officially launched on the website, it is steadily gaining momentum. Decurian is a cryptocurrency token, which is purposely built to be used within the gaming industry. It will serve as an internal-ecosystem token where individual users would be able to challenge each other using the Decurian token.

The latest development in line with the surprisingly quick success of Decurian is that it has just surmounted a price valuation of $100 a token. Decurian has been in news ever since January when it out-performed every major cryptocurrency in its Initial Coin Offering (ICO). Along with the highly rewarding ICO, the cries for a spin-off version of Decurian by the crypto-community, and the cryptocurrency finally reaching the status of a ‘Crypto-Unicorn’, it just keeps on surprising the crypto-world with all the positive development that it has been gathering all along. The team behind Decurian is equally bamboozled by what they have unleashed in the markets.

Decurian is all set to get listed on at least 4 popular cryptocurrency exchanges with a price label of over $100 a token in the coming days. It would be worthwhile to absorb the fact that Decurian was offered at $5 a token in its ICO in January. That is a 20 times increase in its price in just a bare period of 2 months, and that too before getting listed on any cryptocurrency exchange platform. The technology looks so impressive to the general community that it has gained a considerable support just on the basis of optimistic revelations and speculations.

The founder of Decurian, Michael Chodorowski, is trying his best to get hold of what this “Godzilla”, as he likes to put it, is bringing on for him and his team. Talking about the recent development, he said, “This is wildly outside of what I ever thought”. This is because the team, including himself, had not even imagined how far they will reach in only 3 months. According to the roadmap that they laid down, all this was planned to be achieved in a period of 2 years. Michael also added that, “the team feels blessed to have gotten so far, however, I think that the token is considerably optimistically-priced right now. I understand the reasoning behind it and the value that it has provided to the gaming industry; it’s just hard to believe that it has spread like wild fire.”

It is estimated that Decurian will get listed on the exchanges in the next 45-50 days. The meagainstu website will be starting to accept registration in the next two weeks. The developers are hard at work to get everything ready. Of course, their abilities and skills have been pushed to the maximum as they are faced with a challenge of fast-pacing their deadlines. Until then, the team is busy developing the website as can be seen from their domain’s main webpage.

The support for Decurian ever-since its announcement has been drop-dead phenomenal. Analyzing the sea of users that will be headed over to the in the coming weeks for registration, Michael added, “I am still speechless at the support for Decurian with all the terrible situation that has been going around the whole world”. As a loving family member, he also could not put himself back from commenting on the current Corono-virus pandemic. He said, “I hope people can take the time during these challenging days and look out for positives in their lives. My heart goes out for everyone who has lost someone dear to them to this horrible virus. ”

With all the positives going in favor of Decurian, the team hopes for the same in the coming days when it will be finally put into test. The support and loyalty is being religiously enjoyed by the team, and everyone at Decurian sends love and prayers for everyone who is going through a tough phase due to the on-going critical situation.

Company name is Avalerion Investments the token is called Decurian

Media Contact: 

Michael Chodorowski
Vancouver, British Columbia


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