ATK Public Blockchain Coming out Shockingly and a New Round of Industrial Revolution in the Entertainment Industry Commencing

Mar 25, 2020

As the pioneer of "Blockchain+ entertainment", ATK will bring a huge opportunity for change to the infrastructure and all walks of life.

March 26, 2020 /PressReleaseAgency/ —

The entertainment industry is one of the most active fields in the world economy. In recent years, the entertainment industry advances rapidly with new tendencies- new technology leadership, ecological operation and industrialization development, changing the original mode of production transmission of the local industry and mode of people's cultural consumption as well as energizing the traditional industry and making it rejuvenate. In 2018, the scale of the entertainment industry in China reached to RMB 1.7 trillion and it's predicted that the scale of China's entertainment and media industries in 2021 will exceed RMB 2 trillion. An increasing number of investors will be attracted to join due to the vast market space in the world.

However, the secret worry is always hidden behind the prosperity. The overseas consumption process is tedious and it's necessary to conduct conversion with local currency firstly. In case of large amount of consumption, the judicial monitoring will be imposed; The author's copyright fails to be effectively guaranteed and undergoes illegal misappropriation in other region or country; Rights and interests of members in all regions are asymmetric and rights and interests of the user fail to be performed globally

As the pioneer of "Blockchain+ entertainment", ATK will bring a huge opportunity for change to the infrastructure and all walks of life. In the entertainment industry with opportunity and crisis, global launching of ATK is more like a life-saving straw. As a high-performance Blockchain carrier for realizing the entertainment industry value circulation, ATK integrates the traditional entertainment industry to make its data information and value on the Blockchain, the value circulation between all the "islands" of the entertainment industry unblocked as well as data information open, transparent and traceable. The problem of the entertainment industry will be thoroughly fixed at the beginning of Apr. to make the entertainment industry turn over a new leaf!

ATK takes Saipan application as blueprint as well as cooperates with global entertainment and game companies, innovative developers, digital asset management agencies and financing institutions to build the large cultural ecology integrating tourism, technology industry, communication industry, e-commerce industry, real estate development and game industry together. Your member rights and interests can be enjoyed in any country in the world by ATK distributed storage technology connected with the global merchant application terminal. According to ATK insiders, the layout of 12 cities (such as Jeju Island, Chiengmai, Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville) is completed in the Pacific Rim Area with more entertainment projects on the Blockchain, many Blockchain ecologies are connected, the Blockchain informatization of entertainment and related industries is accomplished as well as the confidence mechanism and the new economic order of a new generation of entertainment industry are rebuilt.

The ATK global ecological scene covers three industries-tourism entity industry, Southeast Asia financial industry and leisure industry, takes the lead in building Saipan into the first matured scene based on tourist attractions as entity nodes as well as establishes the one-stop travel service system (including hotel, shopping mall, travel, entertainment and restaurant).

"Crisis" and "opportunity" are always concomitant with each other. The innovation will become the rigid demand of the industry recovery and ATK will play a vital role. As for ATK, Global Alliance for Consensus breaks through upstream and downstream value barriers of the entertainment industry, improves the collaborative efficiency as well as realizes high circulation of the entertainment industry value by relying on Blockchain technology and based on tourist attractions as entity breakthrough and members of Global Alliance for Consensus as online nodes of Blockchain. ATK is ready and look forward to it!

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