Black teen wins essay contest on topic of white privilege

Apr 4, 2017

A black teenager who wrote about the "unavoidable" racial issues he faces growing up in an affluent, predominantly white Connecticut town has won an essay contest on the topic of white privilege

UN warns that destroying cultural heritage may be war crime

Mar 24, 2017

The UN Security Council has unanimously adopted a resolution condemning the unlawful destruction of cultural heritage and warning the Islamic State extremist group, al-Qaida and other combatants that such attacks may constitute war crimes

Memphis officials to help save Aretha Franklin's birthplace

Mar 23, 2017

The Memphis mayor's office is pitching in to help figure out the future of the dilapidated house where soul singer Aretha Franklin was born, a lawyer said Thursday

$75 million pledged to protect heritage sites in war zones

Mar 20, 2017

World donors have pledged more than $75 million dollars to protect endangered world heritage in conflict zones

World donors pledge $75 million to safeguard cultural heritage threatened by war, IS extremists

Mar 20, 2017

World donors pledge $75 million to safeguard cultural heritage threatened by war, IS extremists

UN has 9 candidates on shortlist for cultural agency chief

Mar 16, 2017

The United Nations on Thursday announced nine possible candidates on a shortlist to replace the chief of UNESCO, the world body's Paris-based cultural agency, including four Arab candidates

Historic Bangkok community being razed despite opposition

Mar 6, 2017

Thai authorities seeking to modernize a historic Bangkok neighborhood have continued their demolition work to make room for a park despite the opposition of residents and preservationists

AP-NORC Poll: Political divide over American identity

Mar 6, 2017

A new survey shows 7 in 10 people saying the U.S. is losing its American identity

AP-NORC Poll: Divided Americans fret country losing identity

Mar 5, 2017

Add one more to the list of things dividing left and right in this country: We can't even agree what it means to be an American

German high school bans prayer rugs as "provocative"

Mar 2, 2017

A high school in western Germany has banned the use of prayer rugs and other traditional Muslim rituals saying it was "provocative" to other students, sparking a debate about freedom of religion

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